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Collective Message for 09.16.21

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Day 3 in Jamaica and I am just doing my best to be grateful. The freaking country is in the middle of a lockdown and so am I in my aunt's house. This is NOT what I had in mind, nonetheless, it's nice to inhale air other than the extremely polluted NYC air and get fresh coconut water and enjoy the view of the houses on the lush hills and mango trees on the other side of the road.

Unfortunately, sitting outside on my aunt's veranda proved to be problematic for my mother when the neighbor's friend came over, she urged me to come inside because she didn't know if they would try to rob the house. Sounds crazy, I know, could Jamaica really be that bad? Well, anywhere could be that bad, but it didn't help that my aunt was robbed of her entire purse yesterday which had her ID and maybe even American money in there that she likely exchanged for my mom.

Anyway, to make what I could turn into a documentary short. My mother was on edge, although so was I for having to come to this beautiful country only to be confined to four walls. I was so upset, I went into my aunt's room and isolated myself so I could recover. I had to do my fire breaths so I can release the pent-up energy of frustration, anger, and resentment which were boiling up inside of me and after about 250 of them, I started to cry. I accepted my tears and allowed myself to cry because I realized my inner child remembered these moments of feeling imprisoned and disappointed on vacation because of something my mother said or did and I cried some more, journaled some more, and meditated on my heart chakra.

It was such a profound revelation of how deep my disappointment really went, the adult in me was OK, but the child in me felt like she had been promised something that couldn't be delivered and it challenged my peace and joy at that moment. I had to choose if I was going to hold on and allow it to ruin my day or move forward so I decided to do more fire breaths and do a guided ancestor meditation as my Moon App recommended would be ideal for the energy of that particular time, Moon in Capricorn, which has transitioned to Aquarius as I am now writing this article.

My purpose for this piece is to really reveal the interconnectedness of life and circumstances and for introspection of myself and all around me and within me.

As I prepared to do this meditation, I ingested Astral rapé (pronounced ha-peh) which I purchased from Light and Kambo. Rapé is a sacred tobacco snuff composed of Amazonian plants amongst other healing herbs, depending on the blend, used to cleanse the sinuses of mucus while also grounding the mind and body instantly for light to a deep meditative state. It is a form of plant medicine that offers more healing benefits and you can learn more about it from this article: Rapé and Sacred Tobacco | The Shamanic Amazonian Snuff That Detoxifies and Sets Intentions (

After I did this, I asked Esu Elegua, the Orisha who delivers messages between the physical and spiritual realm to guide me in receiving a message from my ancestors. I pulled from my Energy Oracle Cards deck, the cards I received were for the 2nd chakra and Archangel Ariel, the 5th chakra, and Archangel Gabriel and Strategy. I instantly realized the cards were informing me to heal my womb so I could create a new experience and share the joy and healing of it in my poetry, spoken word, and everyday conversations, but more importantly creating a written vision and plan on how to share this healing within my community and on how to use my voice more intentionally to give back and speak life into people. I've known this and been receiving messages that I need to do this here and there and so it was only made clearer today.

After I pulled the cards, I went into the meditation and my ancestors asked the same of me, for me to go forth with my vision so that I could be a blessing to not only them but to the other bloodlines who they have good and bad blood with so that there can be healing across the nations. I like the phrase, "Each one, teach one," I think Each one, heals one can be the next mantra. Everything is a domino effect, I will not reach everyone, but for everyone I do reach, they will reach someone else who will reach another and create a ripple effect, and waves of peace, love, harmony, and joy will sweep across our communities until one day it reaches every fabric of society until the utopia I imagine is inevitable and unavoidable. This is the kind of vision and faith we must have in the future that the media keeps trying to program us to believe is doomed.

I also pulled one card from my Orisha Tarot deck, it was 8 of Swords and the anecdote for it was about how Olodumaré, the creator in Yoruba tradition had a contest and asked the Orishas to bring what they believed was the greatest creation to him. Food, art, treasures, and songs were offered, yet Shangó brought a cow's tongue on a plate and was asked to explain. He said "the tongue is the most wonderful thing because with it we can tell those who we hold in our heart that we love them. We express our pride for our children and our gratitude to our friends and parents." Shangó was announced the winner. The next day, he had the same contest in reverse and requested that the worst thing in life be brought to him, again Shangó brought the cow's tongue. When asked to explain, he said "it is with our tongue that we lie, slander, and cheat those around us." Shangó's wisdom moved Olodumaré and he was named winner again.

It reminded me of Proverbs 18:21, "Life and death are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit." It brought me back to Gateway 1in Queen Afua's Sacred Woman book and the gateway of Sacred Word with the guardian Tehuti who teaches the power of our words, how they can heal or hurt, build or destroy and you learn how to practice silence and be more aware of your words and if there is even a reason to speak. A practice that we can all benefit from to prevent ourselves from bringing harm to ourselves and others.

When I went live on Instagram today, I spoke of consumption and how I went raw vegan for 21 days and it made me even more aware of how every single thing we consume creates our reality for better or worse. From the food we eat to the thoughts, we think to the shows we watch, the music we listen to, and books we read, everything we ingest into our being is either healing us or hurting us, lifting our vibration or lowering it. This is the truth no matter how we try to manipulate, the principle of cause and effect in The Kybalion teaches us this. More than that, I realized that food has the largest impact on the world because we all need sustenance and we've all learned that eating food is one of the most important ways to accomplish that (although there are other methods that provide just as much sustenance and more, that's for another day).

Our food supply has been manipulated and contaminated with cancerous chemicals, preservatives, and GMOs that alter the DNA and nutritional value of it and if the DNA of the food is altered, what do you think it will do to ours? And if we haven't realized by now, we live in a society consumed by disease and the biggest drug/addiction is food, but when everybody eats, it sounds ludicrous to even make such a statement, yet its the most sinister and genius plot to destroy the human, mind, body, and spirit. I've personally reversed disease by changing my eating habits and it's so sad that people are so stuck in their way, in denial, and unwilling to heed the warning of the impact of eating flesh and dairy because it sounds extreme. Extreme to me is being told by another entity what I should or should not put in my body when there is historical evidence of the intentional bodily harm done to a group of people to exterminate them for one reason or another.

I don't want to go off on a tangent, yet I wrote this piece to inspire someone to think more deeply, to ask more questions, and to challenge not only the system but themselves. We will all be held accountable at the end of the day for what we know and for the signs we ignored because that was indicative of a deeper knowing, divine intelligence and that my friends can never be ignored.

I love you all.

Peace, Love & Revolution,

Phonetic Wisdom

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