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Healing is a Lifestyle

So let me tell you a little bit about how we got here. Growing up, I always had some sort of connection with the spiritual realm, I would have extremely vivid dreams, some that I can still remember to this day. I would feel the presence of spirits early in the morning and late at night and it used to freak me out. I was hyper-sensitive to people and their emotions, I use to take things to heart and feel so weighed down and anxious that something was always wrong.

When I got to my teen years, I'd always feel this kind of emptiness and loneliness that I couldn't explain after dealing with mental and sexual abuse, no longer having my brother in my life, and witnessing and internalizing toxic family dynamics. I never felt compelled to speak about these experiences in my earlier years because it was not the norm plus I was ashamed and afraid of what the outcome of using my voice would be. Nonetheless, what I've experienced is not extraordinary, in fact: psychological, physical, and sexual abuse has become far too normal in our society, it is alarming and disturbing.

I refuse to let this be the destiny of my children or their children or their children's children. I am here to break the cycle and I had to start with myself, if it wasn't for poetry, I don't know where I would be now. Poetry led me down a path of self-expression that has opened the door to healing so much of my trauma.

Through poetry, I attracted many fractured souls seeking to be put back together like myself, and then when I got tired of that narrative, I found people who wanted to heal through that and not live in it. That's when my life changed for the better, when I surrounded myself around those who wanted to heal, believed it possible, and made the efforts to do so.

In 2018 I began attending The Aboriginal Womb Circle which is a collective of wombman who seek healing of the mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit while activating their ancestral DNA to reconnect to the truth of their being and embrace our ancestors' way of life which reflected a Divine connection to Nature and self.

This was just the beginning of a lifetime and lifestyle of healing that has transformed me from a victim mindset to a warrior mindset, meaning I no longer blame my circumstances on everything around me, I am able to look within and see where the disharmony is coming from. I listen to my intuition more, interpret the messages from my dreams, open my eyes to the divine signs, breathe more, reflect more, and allow myself to grow through all my experiences.

Even now I'm questioning if I'm being clear, if I'm sharing enough, or is this well written and I'm like it is what it needs to be and there's only more to come. I intend to give you the bits and pieces of me as we go further and provide you with the insights and revelations that have changed my life for the better. Thanks for coming along for the ride so we can surrender to our Divine purpose together!

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