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Ms. Doubtfire

I am now committing myself to write AND posting, about every little thing, every little revelation. Every download that Spirit provides me to share with the collective, no matter how seemingly trivial or controversial, I am going to use my gift more and more! They could’ve called me Ms. Doubtfire for all the doubt I had about the fire pieces I could’ve written, but doubt held me back. I know these truths deep down, yet it seems like suppressing my shame of it causes me to act as if I don’t realize what factors are contributing to my lack of fulfillment in life. None of it comes from anything outside my ability to realize the power of myself.

When you know you can do more on a subconscious level and do not do it, life is going to withhold the pleasure you truly seek and desire because you’re not doing YOUR work. I emphasize your because writing may not be it for you and if it is, don’t compare yourself to me, procrastinate and say oh, but Phonetic is so fire, how can I compete? You can’t, we are not the same and that’s wonderful. Now you can be you and share the stories people want to hear from you in the world. Too many times I’ve looked in front of me and saw people who have been doing the work and compare when I’m not even on that level within myself. Now if I was looking to the side of me and did the same thing then clearly there is some dialogue I am engaging in within myself that is telling me I am not enough, I am not good enough, I am not important, I am not lovable. Which was a lot of the subconscious dialogue I had and have worked years to override with new, positive messages. It’s not to say these thoughts still don’t occur, I just don’t allow them to control me.

The people in front of you should inspire you to go ahead and the people next to you keep you motivated because they’re growing and moving forward too. I saw this to say, don’t withhold your gifts from the world, there is a very powerful parable about this in the bible, called The Parable of the Ten Talents. In a nutshell, it spoke on three men whose master gave them talents, now that I think about it, the master is probably the higher self and the servant, the lower self (or servant self or slave self, however you choose to perceive and phrase it) has to learn to integrate this aspect of themselves for balance. The two servants with the most talent went out and multiplied their talents by making use of it, the servant with the least buried his and did nothing with it. When the master came back, he rewarded those who multiplied their talents with more and punished the ones who wasted them. This reminds me that to whom much is given, much is required.

So if you want more in your life, commit to and master yourself. To receive more, you have to be more. Becoming the best you is your ultimate goal in life as that choice will bring the very best into life for you naturally. Just be.

Peace, Love, and Revolution,

Phonetic Wisdom

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