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The Patience of a Spider


One day, I sat in the library reading when I saw a small spider crawling on the left side of my chair. It was already a day where I was reluctant to tune into my inner voice and I wanted to end it there so I looked up the symbolism of the spider.

Spider symbolism and meaning is steeped in power and magic, with important lessons on weaving your destiny.”

I learned that the Spider Spirit Animal represents the opportunity to weave our dreams into reality. I was delighted to read this because being fresh out of a relationship that ended harshly, it can be easy to lose sight of who you are and why you exist, especially if your the type of person who seeks romantic or deeply intimate relationships.

“Spiders are among the most patient and long-suffering of all animal spirit guides. They carefully weave a web then wait for their prey to come to them. Each strand of Spider’s web connects to another, creating a whole, safe space in which you can feed your spirit.”

Reading that “spiders are among the most patient and long-suffering of all animal spirit guides,” touched me because I know on my personal journey, patience is something that I struggle with. While others have perceived me as one of the most patient people they know, it is all a matter of perspective. I have had great patience for that which does not serve me spiritually, but that which serves my ego.


I had an Ayahuasca ceremony a few months ago and the Shaman who led the ceremony told me that cultivating patience would be required of me. At that same ceremony, the Shaman’s apprentice was selling merchandise from Peru. I laid my eyes on a toy alpaca he had and decided to buy it. When I looked up the symbolism of the alpaca, one word stood out to me of all the words used to describe it: patience! I would give myself readings and often pull the patience card. How much of it I need for this journey goes without saying because life continually brings the message back through signs and symbols.

I resonate with the part where it says the spider is also one of the most long-suffering animals, because I would often wonder why I seem to suffer so much? Why do I seem to learn the hardest lessons? Why does it have to hurt so much? I suppose for me, it has to do with my tendency to rush the process as opposed to being diligent enough to endure the long road. I also feel it has to do with my tendency to punish myself for not doing better, being better or knowing better. It makes the process all the more anxiety producing when I can just learn to have patience with myself.

There is such a magnificent message when it comes to the spider that I encourage you to look it up for yourself. I am taking this time to explain how the spider’s visit relates to me, to further enlighten whoever reads this, the way life speaks to me and possibly them too. All of life has significance, if we are present and patient enough to see and explore it.

The spider was sacred to the Goddess Neith, a mother figure. I loved to see this because the Mother is one of my dominant feminine archetypes and being a Cancer is also synonymous to maternal energy. As the spider weaves its web to connect each strand to catch its prey, I see the strands of each instance in my life as an opportunity to make the next connection or strand, so to speak, this is what the spider and I have in common. I have always said that I am a connector by nature, I can meet ten different people and see how they all fit into the bigger picture with their personal gifts and energy.

It is also said that the Native Americans, which is a part of my bloodline through my father, viewed the spider as a creator and a symbol of the Divine Feminine. The timing and message of the spider was perfect. I am actively connecting with my ancestors and it is time for me to create the life I desire, to weave my own web of reality, breaking generational curses and healing ancestral trauma. Reconnecting to my ancestors and Divine Feminine energy has been at the forefront of my life for quite some time, but that doesn’t mean I have mastered that aspect of myself, at times I forget what I discovered about me, only to revert back to the familiar.

I believe that this very personal experience is a testament to how life can offer you reassurance and encouragement in the most unsuspected and miraculous of ways. This spider was so small and for me to be able to notice it while I’m immersed in reading, which I love, but to also take a moment to research it and receive its message of where I am in life, I have to be grateful. There is so much more to the spider and its message and I hope you take the time to learn more for yourself if you feel called to do so, but I just want to encourage you to pay attention to life’s seemingly meaningless moments which are actually filled with purposeful guidance. This is the magic of life, being able to see beyond your human lens to get to the spirit of the matter.

Peace, Love & Revolution,

Phonetic Wisdom

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