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The Victory of Letting Go

You know the clique phrase people always say, let go and let God.

I really thought I understood what that meant, but my ego and control issues would trick me into believing that I do. There is something about letting go or the idea of it that freaks people out when it comes to something they want. The sentiment actually seems counterproductive because we tend to believe that when we want something to happen, holding on to what we desire is what's allowing it to come to fruition. Nonetheless, life is teaching me otherwise.

If there ever was a time, do you remember being told you need to let that person go, or that place, or that thing?

Maybe, you were told to let go of your boyfriend or girlfriend after a break-up. Perhaps, you had to move from your home, neighborhood, or state and were being encouraged to let that go. Maybe your car stopped working or your favorite CD and you needed to let it go, but you refused, you fought and you held on, all to have it leave your grasp anyway.

I've learned that life is a process of giving and taking, or better yet, receiving and releasing. The only difference between the two is that one is tougher on the psyche due to a lack of acceptance and the other causes you to move with the flow of life.

Can you guess which is which?

The give-and-take, in my humble opinion, is the tougher of the two. When I believed in the concept of give-and-take, it was from a place of lack, from the idea that I needed to keep a score on how much I was getting so I would know how much to give. All that led to, was the idea that something was being taken from me whenever things didn't work out. When we believe things are being taken, it can feel synonymous with being stolen from and it feels painful.

On the other hand, when we view life's processes as opportunities to receive and release, then we are more at peace with the outcome because we understand that is the nature of life: to have or not to have. Neither is good, bad, or better, it just is.

Do the trees complain when the leaves fall from them in autumn or have a party when they regain them in spring?

No. They stand tall and rooted and allow life to happen, serving their own divine purpose. That is divine intelligence at work, while our human ego fools us and uses our intellect to see a problem with the way of life. We tend to feel superior to the life forms that are unable to speak and advocate for themselves as we do while these apparently inanimate or lower life forms always act according to the nature of things.

I say all this to say that there is victory in letting go of what's become difficult, overwhelming, and pure stress in our lives because more than likely, it is time to move on. When we operate through the give-and-take paradigm, we tend to fight what needs to be removed from our lives, unintentionally causing ourselves more grief. When we operate from the paradigm of receiving and releasing, we are accepting of experiences with people, places, and things as they occur and move forward when it is over. Maybe, just maybe, this phase of your life is over.

Do you want to release it or have it taken? Do you see it differently? Share your insights with me.

Peace, Love & Revolution,

Phonetic Wisdom

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