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Voices of Black PowHer's 3rd Anniversary

It all began with a showcase for Black women who have been impacted by sexual abuse and trauma, since then my perspective has changed and my purpose has become more clearer. I realize that sexual trauma is just a symptom of a much deeper disease in our society and reality as melanated wombmen (because referring to ourselves as Black is a whole nother political trap that we'll have to get into another day), but all in all, my sistars know who they are. We have endured far too much, so have our mothers, their mothers, and their mothers. Voices of Black PowHer was founded with the intention of supporting melanated wombmen by providing an artistic healing space to transmute trauma into a triumph which I have seen manifest before my very eyes with the first showcase. Connections were made and hearts were touched, but of course, it could not end with a once-a-year showcase, I knew that this vision is bigger than me and needed time to be cultivated, but could also not wait until I could see the entire picture. Even now I may not see the full picture, but I see more than I did when I began back in 2018 and I have come much further in my healing journey and I want to share this new sense of self that I once believed impossible or far fetched with my sistars who are also struggling with breaking through the present-day struggles as well as our ancestors' struggles which still impact us also known as generational trauma/curses. The challenges many of us are deeper than just this life and epigenetics is a study that teaches us the joys and pains of our ancestors are also ours as they are locked into our DNA and with the awareness that many of our ancestors suffered deeply without the ability to heal mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually because their only resolve was to survive so that we can be here, is why this mission and vision is so important to me. It is also no coincidence that three years later, three being a number associated with the Trinity, creation, completion, self-expression, the mind, body, and spirit or the father, son, and holy spirit, however you choose to see it, three's energy is definitely present with me this anniversary. I have created products and services that will contribute to the empowerment of melanated wombmen everywhere and the power of self-expression has been the foundation for my brand from the start. I am thankful to have come this far and trusted in my vision and mission to carry me into the unknown, so I encourage you to answer your hearts calling and walk confidently on your path no matter how it looks or how intimidating it may feel. I hosted Voices of Black PowHer's third showcase in the middle of a PANDEMIC for the community and received so much support despite the odds.

You are divinely guided and protected and will fulfill your highest purpose if you so choose.

Cheers to the third year!


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