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You Can Run, But You Can't Hide: Nu Moon in Scorpio Energy & Reading Tantra

Is it me or is this new moon in Scorpio ripping anybody else to shreds?

Scorpio is the sign of death, transformation, and rebirth. Death is something we often tend to view as scary or painful, yet it can also be liberating and that liberation comes through transformation and rebirth. Metaphorically, death is another way to say the end, or transition because energy never dies, it transforms. As we are on the precipice of the new moon in Scorpio, the aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us are being revealed so we can lay it to rest, transform, and be made new again. The new moon appears void in the sky, it is there, yet we cannot see it and this is just like Scorpio, living in the unseen, dark depths to which many of us are afraid to go. New moons are indicative of new beginnings and I sense many are upon us.

The recurring message for the past few weeks has been to trust your intuition or the unseen. We don't always know why we are being guided to do or not do something, but we need to learn to trust it. Many of us lack faith, especially during the greatest time of death, transformation, and rebirth. We can see how these concepts function on a macro level as the pandemic has killed our old way of life, we are in the midst of a great transition for something new, something better though it is not yet clear.

What an uncomfortable process, to finally get the rhythm of the dance and then the beat changes.

Scorpio reveals our innermost desires, ones that we take pride in and those we are ashamed or afraid of. This portal of energy begets us to look at all of it, evaluate it, and see how it is helping or harming us. It is not easy to be radically honest with yourself in a world founded on lies and deception, you begin to engage in self-deception on a subconscious level and Scorpio is symbolic of the subconscious.

We are being called to ask ourselves if what we desire (as Scorpio is about desire) is worth the outcome? Is the desire worth your friendship? Is your desire worth your relationship? Is your desire worth your peace of mind? Is your desire worth your time?

As I confront my shadows, I see that my ambitions could very well lead me astray, yet being led astray is a part of life. As I read Tantra: The Supreme Understanding by Osho today, the writer mentioned the parable of The Prodigal Son in Luke 15. To make a long story short, one son requests his inheritance from his father and leaves home to squander it on worldly desires. The other son stays home and tends to the land with his father and when the wayward son returns, he asks his father to have mercy on him and let him come back home. The father receives him and throws a celebration for him. This makes his faithful son livid, how could he throw a party for him after what he's done, his son inquires angrily. The father makes a very profound statement, " have always been with me, there is no need. But his coming back has to be celebrated: he had gone astray: he is the sheep lost and found again," as quoted from Osho's book from Luke 15:31-32.

What I truly love about reading Tantra is that it accepts all of life as a necessary part of the experience to understanding God through self.

The so-called good and bad, just are, neither is to be praised or demonized. It is all God and when we accept the totality of God's essence then we can attain this supreme understanding. Of course, it is all a perspective and I believe there are many paths to reach this ultimate realization, nonetheless, Osho puts it in a way that makes you laugh at the reality of it, how complex simplicity is, and how simple the complexities are and it is all the same thing.

All in all, I'm grateful to see parts of myself that are unattractive and selfish through the eyes of my partner and that I read this book. It reminded me of this scripture which is a testament to the fact that we are human just as much as we are Divine. News flash! You cannot and will not always be the good guy, there's no balance in that. The brother who stayed with his father suffered from the sin of self-righteousness while his brother who left suffered from the sin of the flesh, neither is better than the other. The father in the story is symbolic to God the Father who shows mercy and love when we repent and realize the error of our ways.

I say all this to say that whoever you are is good enough and will be made better through the process of life. Life is a series of experiences that reveal us to ourselves while simultaneously revealing the grace, love, and power of God. The answers are always there and if you ask, they will be made known to you in time. Life lessons are intended to expose the weakness of our flesh as well as the strength of our spirit. So if you feel as if the walls are closing in on you and you can't escape yourself, don't try to. Take a moment to breathe, be present and receive the message God has for you to move forward to your highest potential.

Peace, Love & Revolution,

Phonetic Wisdom

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